Fine Crushing & Washing Mobile Station

Main Feature: Equipped with high performance, large crushing-ratio impact crusher. Producing high quality finished materials. Switchable host devices, to meet the customers’ individual needs. Flexible parking feature to make sure that it can start working quickly . A vehicle body can match eight models, enabling wide capacity range.

Applications: The processing of crushed material, collected gravel, and refined sand, etc.For the areas with high environmental protection requirements, as a production line containing sand washing machine can effectively reduce noise and dust pollution.


Born for the production of high quality finished products

The mobile screen plant is applied for mining, construction, quarry, metallurgy and road industries. It features a high energy screen for processing crushed stone, gravel, slag and many other kind of materials. MineVik mobile screen plant is avaiable with three desk screen to meet the clients variety of gradation requirements.


Extended functions

Interchange system of screening unit and crushing unit:A vehicle frame is suitable for 8 plant models and equipped with interchange system for screening unit, crushing unit and sand washing unit. The customers just need to re-purchase the main equipment, then they can totally achieve the interchange on one body frame, between the different screening units, crushing units and sand washing units. The perfect matching between different parts of one plant adapts to a wider scope of application. With a more comprehensive crushing function, the customers get the maximum use of our products.



Standard Model Screening/Crushing Equipment Auxiliary Equipment Max. preparedness capacity(t/h) Overall Dimension
Model Model Max. Feeding Size(mm) output(t/h) Transport dimension(mm)
need tear-down
KV9526-2X 3YZS1860 VSI9526 40 150-190 170-220 14760×3850×7100(mm)
KV9532-2X 3YZS1860 VSI5X9532 40 180-280 200-300 14760×3850×7100(mm)
KV8518-2X 3YZS1848 VSI8518 35 100-130 120-150 14760×3850×7100(mm)
KV8522-2X 3YZS1860 VSI5X8522 35 120-200 140-230 14760×3850×7100(mm)
KC75-2X 3YZS1848 CS75B 102-175 A A+(20~50) 14760×3850×7100(mm)
KC160-2X 3YZS1860 CS160B 168-192 A A+(20~50) 14760×3850×7100(mm)
KH300-2X 3YZS1860 HPT300C2 84-168 A A+(30~70) 14760×3850×7100(mm)
KT250-2X 3YZS1860 HST250H1 88-360 A A+(30~70) 14760×3850×7100(mm)